Thursday, February 11, 2016

Gallery Wall Inspiration

Ah the ubiquitous gallery wall. While certainly nothing new in the interior design scene, I will always love a gallery wall as I think it's the perfect opportunity to allow guests to learn more about you as a person. Plus, while I most certainly can appreciate a minimalist philosophy when it comes to many aspects of my life {I'm in the middle of reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and it is literally blowing my mind}, I will always be in the "more is more" camp when it comes to decor. I just love a home that feels lived in and that every corner you look at has a new story to tell about it's owner.

We had a gallery wall at our old rental, and while I was generally pleased with the results, for our new home I want it to be a bit more intentional. On one hand I most certainly don't want it to feel too matchy-matchy {which for me rings false, as a gallery wall is supposed to show off your most prized possessions - not a bunch of prints you picked up just to fill space}, but on the other, it's easy for it just to seem haphazard. Quite honestly, I think ours may have leaned a bit more towards the latter as it was a rental and I was more concerned with hiding my lumpy walls than I was with creating a perfect reflection of our taste.

Searching for inspiration I've pulled some of my favorite gallery walls, from ├╝ber eclectic to neat and tidy. I think for me, I like when the pieces are unique with a few added textural elements but some kind of commonality tying them together {be it a similar color palette, medium, subject, or frame}. Even if there are a few odd pieces thrown in that don't necessarily "fit" the mold, I think it helps to use a critical eye while picking the pieces you are going to include.

What are your thoughts on gallery walls? Love 'em? Or are you totally over them and ready to embrace a more minimalist look?

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