Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Five Recipes Perfect for Fall

Gluten-Free Pumpkin Gnocchi {sans the pancetta} via The Bonjon Gourmet

For the first time this month, yesterday finally felt like fall. I couldn't wait to get home, turn off our AC, light my favorite fall candle, and open the screen doors to let in the cool, crisp air. There's something about the onset of fall that makes me feel the urge to nest. To sit by the fire with a blanket and a bottle of wine. To clear the house of clutter {a crazy busy summer has left me feeling perpetually behind on keeping our house clean}. To sit outside by the fire with s'mores. To give Ryan the feeling of coming home from work to a kitchen filled with love and the intoxicating scent of dinner on the stove. And for that, I've pulled together five recipes that I'm looking forward to trying this fall. Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Ritz Paris

Ever since my first trip to Paris in 2012, the Ritz Paris has been closed for renovations. I've walked by it countless times on the Place Vendome, eager to take a glimpse inside one of the world's most iconic hotels. Throughout its storied past, the Ritz has hosted a slew of famous guests including Hemingway who used it as his base when he covered the war and Coco Chanel who lived there for 34 years.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Amanda Brooks' English Country House

I've long been a fan of Amanda Brooks. From her days as a street style icon to her time as the fashion director for Barney's New York to her current Instagram account that showcases her idyllic life in the English countryside (with just enough time spent jetsetting through Europe, New York, and the Caribbean), I've always found her style to be aspirational yet attainable and love her relaxed and effortless aesthetic.

Thursday, September 15, 2016


Well hello there! It's been far too long and I've got some big news - I'm officially Mrs. Molly Carr. After over nine years of dating, Ryan and I were married on a golden afternoon in California at HammerSky Vineyards. The day absolutely overflowed with love and joy, and will forever remain in my heart as the happiest day of my life.

In the midst of working full-time and planning a destination wedding (which I could not recommend more), I seem to have neglected this little space of the internet. To be honest, whenever I would think about it I would feel a pang of guilt because blogging has always been one of the ways that I find time for myself. It has always given me such fulfillment and been such a wonderful source of creative inspiration. I have found that blogging is one of the few things in life that seems like whatever I put in I get back ten-fold. So, now that the wedding is over I am going to turn my focus back to myself and in turn to this blog. Thank you for your love and support over these years, it truly means the world to me and I look forward to reconnecting with each and every one of you!