Monday, October 21, 2013

Travel :: Tuscan Hill Towns Part I

One of my favorite aspects of driving through Tuscany was stopping at the ancient hill towns scattered throughout the countryside.  On our third day we visited three towns: Pienza, Montalcino, and Montepulciano.

The first we visited was Pienza, which I absolutely fell in love with.  The town was built in the 15th century and is famous for having the best Pecorino cheese in the world.  We spend a few hours strolling the old town, stopping into churches and cheese shops {we picked up three different types of Pecorino for a picnic later in the day}.  The town, surrounded by a stone wall, is perched high on top of a hill that made for picture perfect views from all sides.  The colorful doors and flower boxes were even more gorgeous against the old brown and red brick buildings.  I would have to say this was my favorite place we visited that day.  I think it would be absolutely magical to go back and spend a night in this quaint little town.

The second town we visited, and Ryan's favorite, was Montalcino, famous for its Brunello wine.  We wandered the winding streets {the hills were a great way to burn off some of that Pecorino cheese we got in Pienza}, stopping into Enotecas to taste different vintage Brunello wines.  It was a great learning more about Italian wines and we picked out a favorite to bring back home with us.  A quick stop in the square for a slice of pizza and we were on our way back out into the country for the next leg of our adventure.

The last town we visited was Montepulciano, famous for it's Vino Nobile.  It was definitely the largest and liveliest of the three towns we visited and the two hours we had there weren't nearly enough, so it's yet another city to add to my "Must Go Back" list!  The town itself was beautiful, scattered with churches and art galleries that we wandered through.  A few more Enotecas {and lots of wine} later we picked out another delicious bottle to bring home with us.  I would have to say the most spectacular part of the town was the view of the city high above San Biagio church.  Seeing the town lit up behind the gorgeous building at dusk was an image that will be with me forever.


  1. The architecture is amazing. I love the buildings and how it lights up in the Tuscan sun! Very romantic!

  2. These are GORGEOUS! You really captured the city! Beautiful.




  3. Molly {Dreams in HD}October 23, 2013 at 9:50 AM

    thanks so much mary!

  4. Molly {Dreams in HD}October 23, 2013 at 9:50 AM

    lovely, can't wait to check it out bambi!