Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Our Wedding :: The Bridesmaids

One thing I knew way before we got engaged was that when the time came, I wanted to allow my bridesmaids to pick their own dresses. I have been a bridesmaid many times and I understand that there are a lot of expenses that go along with being one. Two weddings I had previously been in had mix-and-match bridesmaid dresses, and I absolutely loved how it turned out both times. Not only were we able to pick dresses that were in our budget, but we also could pick dresses that reflected our style and fit our body type. Come the day of the wedding, it was obvious that everyone felt so much more excited and confident, which in turn created a positive energy that lasted for the entire day and evening.

I decided that my bridesmaids will wear long, flowy dresses in a soft color palette of blush, nude, and dove grey. I created a Pinterest board with ideas, but welcomed them to find something else as well. My MOH is helping manage the process, as having done something similar for her wedding, she understands that while the final look is gorgeous it is definitely a bit more challenging to coordinate versus just giving everyone a dress and being able to check that item off the list.

What makes me the most happy is how excited everyone is about being able to pick a dress that's special to them. More than anything, I want our wedding to be relaxed, laid-back, and romantic, and if that means giving everyone a little more flexibility then I'm all for it :)

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