Monday, January 18, 2016

Our House: Master Bedroom Inspiration

Hi there! I hope you all had a great weekend. Today is Ryan's birthday {HAPPY BIRTHDAY!} so we spent the weekend celebrating him by going out with friends, having brunch at our favorite farm-to-table restaurant, seeing Star Wars at the IMAX, and eating a nice dinner at home.

I never realized how much work it is to decorate a house, especially when you're as detail-oriented and indecisive as me {not always the best combination!} While we've made some progress with the downstairs, until recently we haven't even started thinking about the upstairs of our house. However, I received a gorgeous new Serena & Lily duvet and sheet set for Christmas {thanks Dad!} which has inspired me to get my act together and start working on our master bedroom.
In order to brighten the room up we painted the dark purplish-grey walls a nice easy ivory. I plan on using mostly grey, white, and aqua with pops of pink. I like to read in bed so a task lamp is a must for me, but for Ryan's nightstand I'm loving this genie accept lamp - a nice change from the gourd lamps we have been seeing everywhere for years. Our house has all hardwood floors so a rug is a must to help warm up the room and provide cozy spots for Yoda to lay. And since we have a lot of unused space, I think creating a little reading nook with a ticking stripe chair would be perfect. 

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