Monday, January 25, 2016

Interiors :: Rita Konig's Manhattan Flat

I miss the old Pinterest. The Pinterest before it became just another profitable social media tool for advertisers and bloggers, when it was simply an organic form of finding and saving inspiration. Pinterest inspired me to travel to the Amalfi Coast. Pinterest is where, several years ago, I found my dream wedding dress and venue. And Pinterest is what introduced me to my all-time favorite interior designer - Rita Konig.

Being the daughter of legendary British interior designer Nina Campbell, Rita was introduced to the world of interiors at a very young age. Over the last fifteen years she has led an impressive career that includes writing and editing for publications such as Domino, WSJ, Vogue, House & Garden, and T Magazine and decorating homes across England and the United States. 

Rita's lovely Manhattan apartment has been featured time and time again by the likes of Domino and The Shelby, but I just had to share it again. I know that Scandanavian design is all the rage right now, and while I think it is beautiful, Rita's whimsical, English country garden aesthetic will always be what makes my heart flutter. I love how every inch of her flat tells a story and doesn't take itself too seriously. Although I very much appreciate the concept that "less is more," I personally think homes feel the coziest when everywhere you turn you find something unique - almost as if it's a little piece of the homeowner's soul. Although I have never met like Rita, after following her work all these years I feel like I know her - and she seems like the nicest person! 

I will never forget falling in love with this image of Rita's entryway five or six years ago. Over the years it has stuck in my mind, and when we moved into our new house I knew I wanted to use the same wallpaper in our entryway - and we LOVE it. To me, that is truly what design is all about. Not following the latest trends and fads, but simply listening to your heart. 

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