Friday, November 9, 2012


On Wednesday my mom and I took the train from Paris to Lucerne, Switzerland.  The ride was filled with absolutely stunning views of the French and Swiss country side -- rambling fields, steep mountains, fall foliage, ancient stone houses, cows, sheep, and tiny chalets.  We arrived into Lucerne and were literally awe-struck with how absolutely beautiful it is.  It feels like a fairy tale -- from the 700 year old covered bridge, to the colorful buildings surrounding the water, to the 360 degree views of the Swiss Alps.  There are even swans that  swim around the lake!  To make things even better, my sister Amanda {who lives in Berlin} met us in Lucerne so the three of us could have a girls weekend together!  

Our hotel, Des Balances, is pure perfection.  The hotel and rooms are gorgeous, with beautiful gold mirrors and detailing, chandeliers, crown molding, marble everywhere, fiber optic lighting in the huge bathroom, and our room in particular comes with a killer view {see image below taken from my hotel room}.  To continue to the fairy tale feel, we had an amazing fondue dinner our first night in an "enchanted forest."  A restaurant by the water filled their outdoor dining area with real fur trees, long tables, black & white striped chairs lined with fur, and tiny white Christmas lights everywhere.  To starve off the cold, they gave us fleece blankets, warm compresses, and mulled wine.  It was absolutely gorgeous, and amazing to me that they start celebrating the holiday season in early November {I must be part Swiss, because November 1 always marks the day I start listening to Christmas music and perhaps putting up a few decorations}.

I'm sure my photos don't even do this fairy tale town justice, but some photos below!

{Sights around the town of Lucerne}
{Fondue dinner in the enchanted Christmas Forest}


  1. Great job on the pics, Molly. I love Switzerland!

  2. These pictures are so gorgeous. I'm jealous of your amazing adventures.

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  3. Words can't describe my jealousy! Such a magical town!