Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Yesterday I took a day trip to Eastern Austria to the beautiful town of Salzburg (where the famous Von Trapp family lived).  It was a three hour drive through Austria and on the way we stopped into the picturesque lake village of St. Gilgen.  The lake was covered in a foggy mist, and peaking through you could see portions of the Swiss Alps.
{St. Gilgen}
{The adorable town of Salzbug}
{The yellow building is where Mozart was born}
{Wandering around the gorgeous little town, an old monastary carved into the rocks, seeing the fort on top of the hill, the oldest restaurant in Europe -- built in 803}
{Overlooking the churches of Salzburg, and a restaurnt with a view AND Christmas decorations}
[The city of Salzburg and rubber ducky Mozarts}
{So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, adieu}

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  1. I saw the pretzels got your attention! Salzberg looks so beautiful. Glad you did the trip. The photos continue to be stunning. Enjoy! Love you