Friday, November 16, 2012

'Ello London!

I have been in London for the past two days and have been absolutely loving it.  I am visiting a dear friend who I hadn't seen in about 3.5 years, and it has been so wonderful being able to catch up. Today will be a photo heavy but text light post, enjoy!

{First day in London, exploring the funky Shoreditch and taking a cruise down the River Thames}
{A glorious morning of high tea, shopping, and Christmas cheer at the infamous Harrods}
{London is so pretty}
{Natural History Museum}
{Great night out at Jersey Boys with Ashley & friends}


  1. I miss London - great pictures of course but nice to see you in them some more. Did you see Jersey Boys?? I loved it.

    Speak soon


  2. My oh my, I can see you are enjoying merry ol' London. Friends, old buildings, food and a touch of the holidays thrown in for good measure. Brill! Enjoy....
    love you and miss you