Friday, November 2, 2012

Gay Paree

I have been completely enjoying every minute of my time in Paris, and continue to feel more comfortable and confident.  I have mastered the metro system and can get around quite a few areas without a map, which for this directionally challenged gal is a huge feat in itself.

Yesterday I met a new friend, Jess, at the gorgeous La Maison Angelina for lunch.  I had a delicious Quiche Aux Oignons Caramélisés, then ordered their signature pastry the Mont Blanc which I first tried a few days ago and absolutely fell in love with.  From there I headed to the Grand Palais to see the "Bohemias" exhibit which was fascinating.  My day culminated in seeing "Le Lac Des Cygnes" (Swan Lake) which was absolutely exquisit.

Today was spent wandering Le Marais and Ile Saint Louis (the picturesque island located in the center of Paris that Ryan and I stayed at on our last trip which I cannot recommend enough).  Later in the day it started to rain, so I ducked into that famous Cafe Le Flore and spent the afternoon sipping Chocolat Chaud and reading Julia Child's "My Life in France."  On the way home I stopped into a super cool perfume shop where they custom make the perfume for you right in house (even printing your name on the label) and picked myself up a little treat.

I am very excited that tomorrow morning my mom will be arriving in Paris to visit me!  My fingers are crossed that everything goes smoothly, as her flight has been cancelled about four times already this week because of Hurricane Sandy.  It has been very strange to be out of the United States during the week of this natural disaster and the Presidential Election.  My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone both in the United States as well as the Caribbean.  

{At Angelina - the pastry Jess ordered is pictured which was basically a crumble filled with dark, milk, and white chocolate mousse}
{Petit Palais and inside the Grand Palais}
{More delicious pastries from Pain Au Sucre - I chose the green one which was pistachio and rosemary flavored with a strawberry compote in the center...I cannot reiterate enough how much I adore French pastries!}
{Two favorite things: The original "Chat Noir" sign and impromtou ballroom dancing (by a husband and wife who were clearly so in love) to the theme song from Amelie}

 {Sights on Ile Saint Louis - I was walking down the little cobblestone street and overheard a man playing the piano and singing old Parisian songs from an open window.  This is why I love Paris...le sigh}
{Saint-Germain-des-Pres after the rain}
{Le Lac des Cygnes - photo via}

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