Friday, September 5, 2014

My Life :: Instagram Snaps

{Reflections of our gorgeous St. Maarten villa in my sunglasses}

Happy Friday!  What are you up to this weekend?  I'm thrilled to actually be in town for once and plan on spending some time relaxing outside, blogging, and hanging out with my family who are visiting on Saturday.  If you follow me on Instagram you will know this has been a very, very busy {but fun!} summer.  If not, here are some snaps of what I have been up to lately.  Have a wonderful weekend!

{Cotton candy skies en route to Colorado}

{Photo Booth fun with my sister}

{Wedding dancing}

{Working remotely at my favorite park in Indianapolis}

{A simple caprese - the perfect summer meal}

{Bokeh views of downtown from the Indianapolis Italian Festival}

{At one of our many weddings this summer}

{The most stunning wedding location - Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus}

{Finally made it to Cincinnati and managed to get my hands on this adorable Ikea lamp}

{Magic hour during a picnic downtown}

{Enjoying the delicious Indiana Sweet Corn Popscicle from Nicey Treat}

{Nothing like coming home for the weekend to a beautiful cheese plate!}

{Loved having my dear friend Sara in town from Africa for a month!}

{Spending the evening in the quirky artists town of Yellow Springs, OH}

{Funky street art in Yellow Springs, OH}

{A labor day wedding with Ryan and his family}


  1. Indeed, you've had such an amazing summer. I've been happily stalking your insta feed and getting a dose of the good times! <3 Love, love both your dresses by the way. And that Ikea lamp is darling - I was looking for a new one for my desk and that one is perfect! Happiest Friday, lovey! xo

  2. Instagram is the best! Love your feed. If you haven't been to Penrod at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, I highly recommend it! It's one of the city's best events and now they have An Evening with Penrod, which is tonight.

  3. Looks like you have had a busy, but fun, summer! I love that first shot reflected in your sunglasses. Great find with that Ikea lamp.

    Happy Friday!

  4. Allie @ 6000 Miles to HomeSeptember 5, 2014 at 12:19 PM

    ahhh - live via instagram is just delightful. I love all the colorful shots - looks like you've been enjoying yourself!! :)

  5. Love that Ikea lamp!

    x Lily

  6. Amazing photography!!!! Love them all, especially the sunglasses reflection and the cheese plate. Yummers

  7. love all of these photos. they have such a wonderful summery quality to them. and that lamp! i need to go get that lamp!

  8. That lamp! <3


  9. how many weddings have you attended this summer? we have our 6th this friday and 7 next month. loving all the dresses you wore to the weddings