Monday, October 29, 2012

Travel :: Rooftops of Paris

The rooftops of Paris are everything.  Seriously, if you had to ask me to describe in one word what symbolises Paris to me, it wouldn't be Eiffel or croissant or glamour, it would be rooftops.  Just thinking about them makes my heart skip a beat.  There is something about the gray roofs and red chimneys against the sky that seems as though it takes me back to the early 20th century.  Today was cloudy, but as I neared the top of Centre Pompidou {which by the way was simply insane -- photos below} the clouds parted and lit up the rooftops against a golden pink sky.  It was simply breathtaking.  

More photos of my adventures [including LOTS of photos of rooftops} below:
{La Louvre at night}
{Cafe Marly, a beautiful restaurant overlooking La Louvre}

{Paris in color}

{Wandering around Canal Saint Martin, which you may remember from Amelie}

{The beautiful, bizzare, inspiring, and fascinating Centre Pompidou.  From the outside of the structure which was built to appear as though the building were inside out (many say it is the most avant garde building in the world) to the huge assortment of contempory and modern art inside (some amazing, some strange), it truly makes for a wonderful afternoon in Paris}
{The rooftops of Paris - little hearts are coming out of my eyes as we speak}
{Funky street art throughout Paris.  One note, I have seen those cats now multiple times.  There must be some kind of meaning behind it...anyone?}
{Stopping for tea at Mariage Freres Maison de The, which I cannot recommend enough}

Bonsoir mes amis!


  1. The museum seems as crazy now as I recall. Modern art has something for everyone and lots of things for no one. Your description of roof tops was wonderful - once again it feels as if OI am there with you. Thanks so much for doing this blog.

  2. I am loving this blog more every day. Wow, what glorious color. That rose! The fabled "La Vie en Rose" perhaps? And the rooftops....yes I feel the love. Can' t wait to enjoy this magnificent city with you....

  3. Lanas Art Studio lanasartJanuary 11, 2014 at 4:10 PM

    wow! Your pictures of Rooftops gorgeous! I wish I could use my camera better ....I have a tons of pics from my trip...but noting as good as