Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Travel :: Magnolia Plantation + The Angel Oak Tree

One of my favorite experiences during our trip to Charleston was heading out to the country and visiting a plantation.  It was my first trip to the South {can you believe that?!} and I knew I just had to see some of the famous mossy oaks during my stay.  There are quite a few amazing plantations in Charleston and we had a really tough time choosing which one to visit, but the gorgeous weather we had ended up swaying us to spend the morning wandering through Magnolia Plantation's famous gardens.  Asides from a near fatal encounter with the biggest spider I have ever seen {it still haunts my dreams!} we had a wonderful morning getting lost in Magnolia's romantic gardens.  

On the way back into Charleston we stopped to visit the Angel Oak Tree, a massive sprawling wonder that is estimated to be approximately 500 years old.  The light was a little off while we were there so the pictures don't really do it justice {plus I really could have used a wide angle lens to capture the tree in it's entirety}, but all I can say is it's a MUST see if you're ever in the Charleston area.  

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  1. Beautiful! I adore Charleston. Probably my favorite little city on the east coast. I have yet to visit a plantation but would love to add this to a future itinerary!

  2. What a beautiful place! That tree seriously looks like it was beamed straight out of a fairytale - swoon!

  3. So gorgeous! Beautiful photos, I love the Spanish Moss in the Trees!


  4. Dying over these photos Molly! I've never made it to the Magnolia Plantation both times I've been to Charleston but next we go, it's at the top of my list!!