Monday, October 27, 2014

Travel :: Charleston's Rainbow Row

Our first afternoon in Charleston we checked into our hotel then headed out to explore.  After a fifteen minute walk we came upon the famed Rainbow Row, which was even more charming in person!  The colorful homes represent the largest cluster of Georgian Row houses in the United States.  After the Civil War the area was left in neglect, and it wasn't until the 1940's that the homes were purchased by the Charleston Preservation Society, repainted their vibrant hues, and restored to their former glory. 


  1. I never knew it was referred to as Rainbow Row!! Only in Charleston could purple, pink and yellow homes look utterly charming! Great pics Molly!

  2. Gorgeous!!! Charleston is one of my absolute favorite cities to visit! My mom and I always try to make it there a couple times a year for a weekend getaway. Rainbow Row is the best!

  3. Beautiful photography. Would love to return to this area again some day