Monday, August 12, 2013

Venetian Style

I had so much fun dreaming of looks inspired by my upcoming trip to the Cinque Terre {see them here} I decided to do the same for Venice.  I used this photo of Venice at twilight as my inspiration and found luxurious {often Italian} pieces made of silk, buttery-soft leather, and cashmere in muted pinks, neutrals, and navy.  While many of these are majorly out of my budget {hello Prada bag!} a girl can dream right?

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  1. Love #3, the J.Crew capri! It would go really well with #5, the leopard heels!

  2. such chic looks. i'd love to wear this stuff in venice - or anywhere, really!

  3. Ok, I want all these clothes and the gondola to wear them in. Picturing myself now leaning back against a large linenhat pillow with on jcrew legging adorned leg resting over the side, my calfskin pump gently flicking up and down on my ankle, just above the water. I may require a very large hat with this and of course a refreshing Italian beverage. La dolce vita Molly! You always inspire me