Thursday, April 7, 2016

Ballyfin Demesne

Although we have been to Europe several times, we have not yet been able to make it to Ireland. It seems like every time we plan a European vacation one of us suggests it but we ultimately decide that we will wait until next time. Well, at least that was until I stumbled upon the majestic Ballyfin Demesne...

Ballyfin is a country house hotel set at the foot of the Slieve Bloom Mountains in the centre of Ireland, a place of history and romance, of tranquility and great natural beauty. The house has long been admired as the most lavish Regency mansion in Ireland, and after eight years of restoration, Ballyfin re-opened in May 2011 as a luxury country house hotel offering the very best of Irish hospitality in the most beautiful surroundings imaginable.

The hotel is set on 614 acres of rolling Irish countryside, and because it's only accessible for guests lucky enough to be staying in one of the twenty guest rooms it truly allows Ballyfin to feel like your own private estate. From boating to picnicing to horseback riding to dressing in period costumes {Downton Abby anyone?!}, there is truly something at Ballyfin for everyone. One of my favorite experiences in Europe has always been visiting historic chateaus, estates, and villas, but Ballyfin allows you to take that experience one step further by staying there and truly immersing yourself in the grand lifestyle. I think the pictures speak for themselves...

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