Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Travel :: Railay Beach, Thailand

Better late than never...I wanted to share the last bit of photos from our trip to Thailand. We spent the last three days at the beautiful Rayavadee Resort in Krabi. Accessed only by boat and situated on the stunning Phranang Peninsular on the edge of Krabi Marine National Park, the resort is nestled amidst pristine tropical gardens and coconut groves against a backdrop of breathtaking cliffs. 

We stayed in our own two-story villa {it looked like a little mushroom hut!} surrounded by swaying palm trees. In the mornings we had Railay Beach completely to ourselves, and once the tourists started to arrive we retreated back to the Rayavadee's beautiful infinity pool which seemed to virtually disappear into the Andaman Sea. When we felt like being active we would hop into kayaks and explore the beautiful coast. When we wanted to relax we walked three minutes to the resort's beautiful spa. Every night at sunset we would head to the Grotto, a restaurant nestled inside of a cave overlooking Phranang Beach and home to the most spectacular sunsets I have ever witnessed.

But perhaps my favorite aspect of staying at the Rayavadee was the wildlife. Hundreds of monkeys call the Phranang Peninsular home and could often be seen swinging from trees, jumping on the top of the villas, and holding their babies {!!!!} It provided constant entertainment and was so beautiful to see a resort that truly makes every effort to minimize their environmental impact. 

The Rayavadee was simply magical and the perfect end to the perfect holiday!

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  1. Spectacular photos. May have to run off there with my sweetie one of these days