Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Dressing the Walls

As I mentioned on Monday we're getting ready to paint several rooms in our house, but I'm struggling to decide on paint colors.  In general I am the queen of overthinking and it seems like the decisions are magnified now that it is our new house and I just want everything to truly be a reflection of Ryan and I.  Since our downstairs has such high ceilings and so much woodwork {and the fact that we are both so darn busy}, we're hiring someone to paint it and then will chip away at the upstairs when we have time.  While that is a relief because I know I will actually have some free time now over the next few months, it also makes the decision seem that much more important because it's definitely not cheap hiring painters and I want it to look great so we don't decide to repaint in another 6 months!  As of now, here are some of my ideas for the bottom floor...

For our entryway I'm loving the Nina Campbell Perroquet Wallpaper.  I have seriously adored this since I saw the black version in Rita Konig's entry way in Domino.  I'm thinking of doing the light color way because....

For our parlor I'm contemplating doing a bold navy color!  This one is Old Navy by Benjamin Moore and right now it's my favorite.  Of course, Farrow & Ball's Hague Blue an option and well.  I've loved the idea of a navy room for years and it definitely seems like it would make a statement.  Our parlor {which is connected to the entryway and essentially is like a second living room} has a lot of white woodwork and several windows, so I think if I did any room in the house a dark color this would be the one that could do it.

For our living room {that connects to our parlor} I'm between Benjamin Moore Oyster Shell, which is the light gray pictured above, or Vintage Taupe.  I haven't been able to find any photos of vintage taupe in a room but the color swatch is really pretty.  While our living room has three tall Victorian windows, because we have a covered porch outside it doesn't get a lot of direct sunlight so I definitely want to go for a lighter color.

On the other side of the parlor is our dining room.  Right now it is a deep brown but I thought painting it an elegant Palladium Blue would look really great.  I'm envisioning antique gold frames, a wood dining room table, and light upholstered seating.

Four our downstairs guest room which will also function as my office, I'd light to paint three of the four walls a nice bright white.  Benjamin Moore's White Diamond seems to be very popular and really lovely.  And then for the other wall...

I would cover it in my my beloved Anthropologie Smoky Rose Wallpaper!  Because this room connects to the main parlor and the doors all have large transom's over them, wallpapering one wall will allow the print to be seen whenever you're walking through the house.  Plus, I just love wallpaper :)


  1. I think your house is going to look amazing with these colors! I love a bold blue in a large room and the Palladium Blue looks really pretty. That Anthropologie wallpaper is amazing!

  2. hague blue is a personal favorite too!
    love your selections.

  3. I love all your ideas! Especially the wallpaper touches! More people should do wallpaper!

  4. I love all of these options a lot, especially the navy feature wall! This would definitely be a bold statement and just as in fashion, navy could work with pretty much anything and everything! x

  5. Could definitely see all these colors in your house. Would be quite striking.

  6. I haven't yet congratulated you on actually getting the house! That is SO freaking exciting. Props to the decision of hiring painters - that is the nicest thing you could do for yourselves - ha. Painting is the worst, right under moving, in my book. Totally do the dark blue living room. You're right, the white trim will allow it. I loved having a dark teal blue apartment when I lived in LA - it's so cozy and calm. Hope you had a happy Valentine's Day Molly! xo

  7. These home decor inspirations are fabulous! Baci,
    Coco et La vie en rose fashion blog