Monday, January 14, 2013

Downton Abbey Fashion

I {along with many many others} am completely obsessed with the Masterpiece Classic television drama "Downton Abbey."  I have always had a love for period-pieces, and one thing that attracts me most to the show is the fabulous Edwardian-Era fashion {not to mention the absolutely amazing Maggie Smith as the Dowager Countess of Grantham}.  

The Crawley women are consistently seen in intricately beaded gowns, elbow length silk gloves, and gorgeous hats.  I also love how we see their styles change with the through the years {in the most recent episodes we see the beginnings of the flapper-era fashion taking hold on the ladies}.  Even the fashion world has fallen head-over-heels with "Downton Abbey," which is evident by the fact that Ralph Lauren Based his entire Fall 2012 collection on the show.  And can we please mention Lady Mary's wedding gown {the most expensive costume the show has ever created}?  Let's not forget that insanely beautiful headpiece.  Sigh...sometimes I think I was born a century too late!
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  1. wow the costumes are stunning

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    1. hi hannah thanks for stopping by!
      yes, i'd love to follow you {already am} and love your photos of paris!

  2. loveeeeee the colors (and the show)!

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  3. Get down with Downton Abbey! Love, love , love the clothes, the hats, the hair, the accents! Oh and their little house is nice, too.